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Find the board games you need today!

GiaBOX brings you the best board games right to your door. Perfect for families, kids, parties with your friends, couples…There is always a perfect board game to play for each situation.

Get your own personalised box based on your taste and your needs. You will get the best offline entertaintment you can find in the UK! Discover the magic of Board Games.

What can you find inside our boxes?

You can expect between one to three board games, including expansions of games you already have, depending on our selection and whether you choose our Standard or Extra GiaBOX. We will also include a little detail in each box.

Our selection will be always worth, at least, the retail price on physical shops.
Visit our blog to see our previous boxes and other interesting articles!

August GiaBOXes

Our August 2018 GiaBOXes content!

How does it work?

Join Us!

Just select one of our plans. It can be either a single box or a subscription plan to receive one box every two months.

Fill in our Survey

Our boxes are personalised, so we need some more details from you. Make sure you write all the games you already own!

Get your GiaBOX

Your will receive your GiaBOX at mid month of each other month. Check full details on our How it works section.

Our Plans

We offer free delivery with all our GiaBOXes. You can either choose single boxes or subscription plans, which you can cancel at any time. “Read more” to see a detailed description of each GiaBOX.

Our Board Games selection will be always worth, at least, the retail price on physical shops.

Standard Single GiaBOX
£35.90/single payment
(VAT Included)
One Single Payment
£49.90/single payment
(VAT Included)
One Single Payment

Why GiaBOX?

Because time is just flying. There are many people around us, but we seem to be too far from each other and we are missing the important moments with them. Because we spend too much time watching things we don´t care, instead of looking at the people we love.

There is another way of spending your time. And we can help you find it. Let yourself be surprised.


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