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Monthly archive for December 2017

Monopoly – The first Board Game?

1904 Elizabeth Magie Patent

Across all our Social Media interactions we have noticed some rejection to the board game Monopoly, especially among the more frequent board game players. So we decided to write a little post about it because believe it or not, there is more to it than you think. First of all, yes, we agree that, once you have tried something else, Monopoly falls into the “No-Go” games, especially since once you know the rules, each game depends exclusively on luck. But

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Our December GiaBOXes!

Our December GiaBOXes

Hello GiaBOXers! After some problems with our suppliers to get the board games we wanted for you, we finally manage to get them all! It seems Christmas is a really good time for board games sellers and a lot of board games were out of stock each day so we had to be very quick each morning to order them. It seemed like a proper race! We are really happy some families will be enjoying their new board games this

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Who is behind GiaBOX and how it all started?

Puerto Rico Board Game

Hello GiaBOXers! It´s been already two months since GiaBOX started and you don´t really know much about us yet. So we thought introducing ourselves in a post is a good way to meet us! Who is behind The GiaBOX team? We are Miriam and Federico, a young family living in the United Kingdom since 2013, together with our little one, Mr S. Our love for board games and the decision of looking after our son at home made us set

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