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Monthly archive for January 2018

Why should you offer Board Games to your children?

Why should you offer Board Games to your children? From GiaBOX we firmly believe playing is the best learning tool for a child. When we think about children playing, we usually imagine them playing with their toys or at the park, but we tent to leave in the back of our heads an essential tool we have been using since we were little: BOARD GAMES. Board Games are a fundamental tool to use with kids. They not only provide many

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Our January GiaBOXes!

Our January GiaBOXes

Happy New Year GiaBOXers! From GiaBOX we have started 2018 with great enthusiasm and with a couple of new projects to bring this little world to more people. We will give you more details in a few weeks, so stay tunned to our blog! Even knowing January is a difficult month, with all the spending we do on Christmas, we are very happy to see the GiaBOX family is growing šŸ˜€ . Let’s play! Couple time! This month some new

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How are board games generally classified?

Hello GiaBOXers! Today we would like to show you the different categories of board games based on their general characteristics. They are divided in three different groups: Eurogames, Ameritrash and Hybrids. Eurogames: Eurogames or in short Euro, are also known as ā€œGermanā€ games, European Games or designer games. They usually have the following characteristics: These board games rely on its mechanics to get you in the game. They are very well designed and well balanced, so it is never too

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5 basic aspects we consider to personalise your GiaBOX

Love Letter - A Beautiful Love Theme

How do we choose your board games? As you know we are at the beginning of our journey and currently, everything we do is hand-made. We donĀ“t use any algorithm to choose your board games, we use our knowledge about them and we spend hours through our suppliersĀ“ stock lists to get the best ones for you. It is always difficult to choose a board game. There are thousands of them out there and each year we can find more

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