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Monthly archive for May 2018

Board Games Mechanics (4/6)

Board Games Mechanics (4/6) Hello GiaBOXers! We bring you another eight types of board games mechanics! By now you should know a few of them, and if not, you then should check our previous posts here, here, and here ! As always, we hope this post broadens your knowledge and perspective when you play board games, and hopefully it will let you choose your favourite one! Remember, nowadays most of the games fall into several categories, and only a few would only be considered

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How to choose the perfect family board game when there are some years gap between your children

Some advices to find a board game suitable for the whole family Hello GiaBOXers! Talking to some of our clients, we realised they found really difficult to choose a board game in which all their children could participate. This can become more difficult when there is a big gap between them. For that reason, we wanted to bring you today some advices to help you choose a board game suitable for the whole family. First of all, we need to

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Our May GiaBOXes!

Our May GiaBOXes

Hello GiaBOXers! Our May GiaBOXes are here! And we must admit these are probably some of our favourite GiaBOXes sent so far! To be fully honest, we have made a huge effort and we have squished our profit margin to bring you a few of the best options out there. It is something we can’t do every month … but you know, family is family, and you need to pamper them every since in a while. If you are following

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