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Monthly archive for September 2018

Board Games Mechanics (5/6)

Board Games Mechanics (5/6) Hello GiaBOXers! After a few months without posting new mechanics we bring you today another eight types!  As always, we hope this post broadens your knowledge and perspective when you play board games, and hopefully it will let you choose your favourite one! Remember, most games use several of these mechanics, and only a few are considered to fall into a single one. Let’s start! 33. Hand Managment: This is one of the most popular mechanics used

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Our September GiaBOXes!

Our September Giaboxes

Hello GiaBOXers! September is already here, and that for us means we are back to the board games evenings! As some of you know, the most important thing for us is to spend time in family and we think board games are an excellent way to get together. For many people, September means to come back to the routine, coming back to school or to work. So to make it easier, we decided to create the campaign “Come Back to

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