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Monthly archive for October 2018

Board Games: An original gift for Christmas

Christmas GiaBOX

Hello GiaBOXers! Christmas is very close and most of you will be racking your brains thinking about Christmas gifts, looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. This year we would like to inspire you to give away a personalised board games box. Here you can find some reasons to do it: • A different Christmas: You will be giving away time together. Is there anything more important in this time of the year? • It is an original

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One Year With You!

GiaBOX First Anniversary

Hello GiaBOXers! Just one year ago, we started this family business. We started with some fears, like any small business with modest ambitions, and we were not expecting such a good welcome from you. It has been amazing to see how this little family has grown over last year to become a big family now. This post is a thank-you post. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share with you our hobby and for all the feedback you have

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Our October GiaBOXes

October GiaBOXes

Hello GiaBOXers! October is a great month for the board games world. Essen is starting in a week, and that means there will be lots of new board games on the market next year :D. Exciting news! It is also a great month for us because we are turning 1! We are really happy to see how this family has grown over the past year! As many of you already know, a new member of the family is coming soon, so

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Board Games Mechanics (6/6)

Board Games Mechanics (6/6) Hello GiaBOXers! Our final post about mechanics is here! This time we bring you eleven new mechanics! Now you can let us know which one is/are your favourites! 🙂 Remember, nowadays most of the games fall into several categories, and only a few would only be considered into a single one.Let’s start! 41. Card Drafting: In board games using this mechanic, all players have access to a subset of cards or common pool. They will need

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