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5 basic aspects we consider to personalise your GiaBOX

Love Letter - A Beautiful Love Theme

How do we choose your board games?

As you know we are at the beginning of our journey and currently, everything we do is hand-made.
We don´t use any algorithm to choose your board games, we use our knowledge about them and we spend hours through our suppliers´ stock lists to get the best ones for you.

It is always difficult to choose a board game. There are thousands of them out there and each year we can find more and more on the shelves of stores.

What basic aspects do we consider before choosing your board games? Here you can find the most important 5 for us:

1. Mechanics & Game Complexity
Simple or complex mechanics? That is what we ask ourselves when we try to find the best board game for you.
We consider different aspects to answer this question. Depending on, for example, if you have kids or if you are a usual player of board games, we choose between one thing or another. Based on the answers to the survey, we try to find a board game in line with your circumstances.
If you want to know more about different mechanics pay attention to our blog in the next weeks ;).

2. Age
We pay special attention to this aspect when you have children. It is really important for us to find a board game suitable for the age of your child although, sometimes, we are flexible with the age indicated in the game.
If we know your children have already played tabletops, and they do so regularly, we can choose more difficult games. They will be able to play them without problems even when the games are for grownups. We have seen adults struggling to win kids on plenty of occasions!

Board Game Age Players and Playing time

Valley of kings – Board Game  age, number of players and playing time

3. Number of players
We want you to be able to play your new board games as often as you can. We always try to send you board games that fit the number of people you usually play with.
For example, you can find board games to play solo and others admitting more than fifteen players. If you start to play with different people or you want a game for a special occasion just tell us and we will send you the game that suits you.

4. Playing time
The playing time is really important, especially if you have kids or if you have never played board games and also depending who you usually play with. For example, if you are a novice player we will look for games with a shorter playing time for you.
Did you know there are board games that can last more than 420 minutes?

Love Letter - A Beautiful Love Theme

Love Letter – Example of a beautiful theme.

5. Theme 
The number of themes in the board games world is endless. There are games in which the theme is very integrated with the mechanics while there are others in which the mechanics admit any theme. This means the theme stays in the background, as a secondary aspect. Depending on your profile we may choose between one of them if we think you will like it.

Finally, the price is the last aspect we consider. The board games we select always achieve the retail price equivalent to what you have paid for. Because we work with low-profit margins per box, it is sometimes really challenging to make the right combination. We also keep an eye on Amazon and other big board games online suppliers. Although we can’t always guarantee to compete on price with them, so far we have done it!

We honestly think we provide a good service at a fair price. Some of our clients have said they would have never bought the game we sent – which they loved – and that’s why we exist!
If you want one of our GiaBOXes you can check Our Plans, and let yourself be surprised!