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Benefits of playing board games together – Our experience as a couple

Hello GiaBOXers,

We are back! This time to cover other area of the board games player spectre: Couples!
As you know from our post “Who is behind GiaBOX?” we are a couple, we have been playing board games since 2011 and, to be honest, board games have been, together with some retro consoles and movies, our main source of leisure at home.
This time we want to share with you a few things we have learnt about how board games affect your relationship with your partner:

The main benefit we noticed is you get to know your partner. You have seen your partner dancing, you have seen them happy, you have seen them sad… but, have you seen them losing? Losing because of you? Well, that will certainly bring out some aspects of your partner you have never seen. And honestly, if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person, you better know who you are dealing with… ;).

Will you discover your partner becomes mean or evil because they can’t cope with losing? Or maybe a kind of tyrant, trying to lead the game all the time? Or maybe you are the perfect couple? Depending on your personality you will have to look for board games that let you get along with. There is always a board game for each couple 😊

We have realised board games help us reconnect. We have been both heavy players and now, mainly due to our little one, we don’t have too much time to spend in leisure (if you have little children, you know what we mean 😉 ). Board games help us to feel relaxed while we play, but also make us finish our day with a really good feeling and looking forward to playing the next game.

Isle of Skye - Couples

Couple time – Playing Isle of Skye

If you find you have fallen a little bit into routine with your partner, you can give board games a go. Honestly, it is a cheap way to spend a few hours having fun with your partner. They are inexpensive, they last forever if you treat them well and you can use them wherever you are. And since there are plenty of board games, there are plenty of choices you can select from. Feeling tired? Go for a quick game, and go to sleep. Feeling like spending a few hours racking your brains? You can watch Inception or… you can play a board game for 2/3 hours… or even better, play for a few hours and continue next day, :).

You can share your hobby with other couples or friends. Sometimes, when we meet with some friends, we usually chat, have dinner and…that’ s it. This is ok, but we have found that by playing board games we have connected even more with our friends. So,if you want to add some leisure in your meetings, far away from consoles and phones, board games will bring you a good opportunity to do it. We usually meet our friends some evenings during the week and most of weekends, we compete between couples and the most important thing, we spend a lot of fun together.
We have a few quick games we use on short visits, and longer games for the weekends, when we can stay until late. For the past 4 years we have moved a lot, and we have found board games are a little bit of the stick that has glued most of our group of friends.

Probably, the most difficult thing in all this is to find the right game. And that is actually the reason why we exist. We will use our knowledge to select the most playable games for you.
If any of the above applies to you, or if you just want to surprise your partner with something different, check our plans.
Remember, if you want to give it a go, you can get one of our single boxes and decide later whether a subscription is for you or not.

The GiaBOX Team.