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Board Games: An original gift for Christmas

Christmas GiaBOX

Hello GiaBOXers!

Christmas is very close and most of you will be racking your brains thinking about Christmas gifts, looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones.

This year we would like to inspire you to give away a personalised board games box. Here you can find some reasons to do it:

A different Christmas: You will be giving away time together. Is there anything more important in this time of the year?

It is an original gift totally personalised: Each GiaBOX we send is created for you. We will send you a little survey to know your needs and your preferences and we will adapt each box to them.

Board games last forever: Board games do not go out of style. The only thing you will need to play them is a table and your loved ones around you. Isn’t it the perfect plan?

Everyone can play! There are games for all ages and all backgrounds. Whether you are playing with kids (or they play alone) or whether you are planning to use them on a party with your family and friends, our selection for you will adapt!

You will bring out the child in you : Playing board games will bring you back your childhood memories. We don’t do that so often these days, do we?

Our boxes are affordable: We set up our company to share our hobby with everybody. If you check Our Plans you will be able to find a price range affordable for all of you.

Yes, we know board games may seem something from the past, but we can guarantee you that there are new board games out there that are absolutely brilliant!

You will get it right with this one!


The GiaBOX Team.