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About GiaBOX

One Year With You!

GiaBOX First Anniversary

Hello GiaBOXers! Just one year ago, we started this family business. We started with some fears, like any small business with modest ambitions, and we were not expecting such a good welcome from you. It has been amazing to see how this little family has grown over last year to become a big family now. This post is a thank-you post. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share with you our hobby and for all the feedback you have

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5 basic aspects we consider to personalise your GiaBOX

Love Letter - A Beautiful Love Theme

How do we choose your board games? As you know we are at the beginning of our journey and currently, everything we do is hand-made. We don´t use any algorithm to choose your board games, we use our knowledge about them and we spend hours through our suppliers´ stock lists to get the best ones for you. It is always difficult to choose a board game. There are thousands of them out there and each year we can find more

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Who is behind GiaBOX and how it all started?

Puerto Rico Board Game

Hello GiaBOXers! It´s been already two months since GiaBOX started and you don´t really know much about us yet. So we thought introducing ourselves in a post is a good way to meet us! Who is behind The GiaBOX team? We are Miriam and Federico, a young family living in the United Kingdom since 2013, together with our little one, Mr S. Our love for board games and the decision of looking after our son at home made us set

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