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Board Games: An original gift for Christmas

Christmas GiaBOX

Hello GiaBOXers! Christmas is very close and most of you will be racking your brains thinking about Christmas gifts, looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. This year we would like to inspire you to give away a personalised board games box. Here you can find some reasons to do it: • A different Christmas: You will be giving away time together. Is there anything more important in this time of the year? • It is an original

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Yorkshire plays


We are really excited to announce! One of the little surprises we have been preparing for you is the launch of a big challenge: Make Yorkshire be recognised as the happiest county in the UK! Why happiest? What do board games offer us to make us happy? – When playing board games we socialise: Having fun in a group, with our couple or with our kids we release endorphins: the hormones that make people feel good. By spending time with

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Monopoly – The first Board Game?

1904 Elizabeth Magie Patent

Across all our Social Media interactions we have noticed some rejection to the board game Monopoly, especially among the more frequent board game players. So we decided to write a little post about it because believe it or not, there is more to it than you think. First of all, yes, we agree that, once you have tried something else, Monopoly falls into the “No-Go” games, especially since once you know the rules, each game depends exclusively on luck. But

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