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How to choose the perfect family board game when there are some years gap between your children

Some advices to find a board game suitable for the whole family

Hello GiaBOXers!

Talking to some of our clients, we realised they found really difficult to choose a board game in which all their children could participate. This can become more difficult when there is a big gap between them. For that reason, we wanted to bring you today some advices to help you choose a board game suitable for the whole family.

First of all, we need to find a board game that gives our youngest child some opportunities to win but also a game that don´t let our older one to get bored. Then, what type of board game should we look for?

Board games are usually based on knowledge, hability and luck.

The more luck there is in a board game, the more opportunities our youngest will have to win it. These type of board games are perfect if you want everyone to enjoy the game.

– If, for example, a board game requires a lot of knowledge, the game will be very unbalanced and children will lose their interest soon, specially the youngest.

– We have also found that some games that require some manual skills are suitable for the whole family. A good example of this type of board game is “Rhino Hero” where everybody, from 5 years old, can participate with the same opportunties to win.

Rhino Hero

Rhino Hero

– To finalise, we must not forget cooperative games. These type of games will give children the opportunity to work together and to build a stronger relationship with each other. Using cooperatives games, you will also avoid those little “fights” that competitive games can cause. The fact of winning or loosing as a team, will make them enjoy board games even more.

We will always need to bear in mind the habilities of our youngest child when playing board games so we can choose  one that adapts better to them.

We hope this post helps you and, if even then, you still don´t know what board game to choose, you can always grab one of our GiaBOXes

The GiaBOX team.