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My child is 2 years old. Can I introduce them to the board games world? (1/2)

Hello GiaBOXers!

Today we would like to tell you about the process we followed to introduce board games to Mr S and also give you some general advices about how to do it. As we told you in this post, he started to play properly last month, when he was 2 years and 5 months.

As we always say, each child is different, so please bear in mind this is only what it worked for us. The best person to know if your child is ready to play board games is you .

We introduced Mr S his first board game when he was around 20 months. As part of the first contact with the game, we let him punch it. He was really happy to do it! Then, we named each element to get him used to them. And finally, we let him play freely. Our main aim was he enjoyed the experience. We have a picture of this moment on Instagram if you want to take a look.

Then, we started to play with him simplifying the rules. The first game we chose to play with was “Little Bird, Big Hunger”. In this game, the objective is to feed your baby chick to help it grow healthy and strong. To achieve it, you need to roll the die and match the feed dishes with the ones you have on your cards. Each time your bird is full, you need to turn over your card and start to cover up the following one.


Little bird_Big hunger

Little Bird Big Hunger

A little complicated for a 20 months old, isn´t it? To simplify it, we decided to just match the pictures showed on the feed dishes with the ones on the cards. After playing several times in this way, we introduced him the die, he loved to roll it once and once again! By that time, he was learning to match the picture showed on the die, with the pictures showed on the feed dishes and to cover up his cards with them.

Finally, we introduced him to play by turns. This was easier than we thought, because we started to do it also when he used the slide at the park .

After five months, he learnt in a joyful way all the steps to play this game. Now he is capable to turn over his card when his bird is full, and to cover up the following card. This game is from 3 years old but, simplifying the rules, they can understand them perfectly before that age.

To conclude, we would like to tell you we don´t play this game as a competition. We don´t celebrate when someone wins or say nothing when they loose. At the moment, we want to teach him to enjoy the experience of playing without the objective of winning. But that is only our election .

In our next post, you will find some advices to start playing board games with your little one!
Keep tunned!

The GiaBOX Team.

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