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My child is 2 years old. Can I introduce them to the board games world? (2/2)

Hello GiaBOXers!

Following our previous post about how Mr S started to play board games, today we would like to give you some general advices on how to introduce board games to your 2 years old child:

1. Don´t get frustrated.

Most of us are really excited about the idea of introducing our hobby or something new to our children, and when that moment arrives…our child doesn´t care about it at all ! If that happens to you, try not to get frustrated. Instead, put the game away for one or two months and try it again. Sometimes children are not ready to do something at that time, and two months later are more than capable to understand it. Just observe your child to know when they are ready.

2. Let them play freely.

Let the child discover the elements of the game by themselves. If we try to explain them the rules straight away, they may lose their interest in the game. You can also teach them the name of each element, so they will be more familiarised with them. When they get used to the elements, it will be easier for you to explain the rules and to start playing.

3. Choose games adequate to their habilities.

If a game is really difficult or really easy for them, they will quickly lose their interest in playing it. To avoid that, look for board games where a game lasts around 5 to 15 minutes and adequate to their habilities (if for example your child doesn´t play with little pieces yet, look for games with big pieces). Also feel free to adapt the rules of the game to your needs. Sometimes you can simplify them to get your child into the game and, little by little, add it difficulty. It´s up to you!

Erster Obstgarten

Erster Obstgarten

4. Bear in mind what your child likes.

It will be easier for you to introduce them games with themes they like. If you have a child that loves transport vehicles, try to find a board game with this theme and your possibilities of success will increase!

5. Play when your child is around

if you want them to get into the board games world. Children around that age love to do what their parents do. If you want them to love board games, show them how much you love them!

6. Enjoy playing together!

Board games are all about have fun! Sit down on the floor with your little one(s) and enjoy sharing those moments with them. That is what they will love the most!

If you want to read a little bit more about the benefits of playing board games in family, check our previous post here!

The GiaBOX Team.

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