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Why should you offer Board Games to your children?

Why should you offer Board Games to your children?

From GiaBOX we firmly believe playing is the best learning tool for a child.

When we think about children playing, we usually imagine them playing with their toys or at the park, but we tent to leave in the back of our heads an essential tool we have been using since we were little: BOARD GAMES.

Board Games are a fundamental tool to use with kids. They not only provide many hours of entertainment for them, but also will encourage their cognitive, motor and learning skills.

If you have a good collection of board games at home, and if you create the right atmosphere and habits around them, it is likely that your children end up preferring to play with them instead of using phones or tablets. This will serve you twice: you will be able to share memorable moments with your kids while they think and learn.

Here you can find 8 reasons to offer board games to your children:

1. They encourage sociability and improve family relationships: If you ask a child what is their greatest wish, he or she would probably answer “spending more time with my parents”. We keep giving them toys and material stuff, but the reality is they just need you. And board games are all about sharing moments and creating memories, something really important to improve the family relationship.

2. Your children will get to know you: you will have the opportunity to know each other while you play, and your children will be able to communicate with you in a relaxed environment.

3. Children will learn without realising it: Does your child get bored at school? Is there a specific subject they don´t really like? Well, there are many thematic board games covering areas like history, maths, human body, etc. You can use them to help your child find some joy on those subjects by learning in a different way.

4. Improve their self-esteem: Board games develop our kid´s self-esteem perception. In each game, they make plenty of decisions with an almost immediate effect. This allows them to evaluate the consequences of their acts, and whether they reached the expected goals. Gaining skills, assuming some risks and feeling the consequences of their acts, will teach them real life lessons.

5. They teach life house rules: All players must follow the rules. This a necessary learning kids will absorb by playing, and it will help them to apply the same principles to real life aspects. In games, as in real life, we are all the same, subject to the same external rules, and board games are a very fun way to train them.

6. It helps practicing patience: With Board Games they learn things do not come immediately. They need to wait for their turn, or count turns to check when something will happen, etc. All this will help them train this quality.

7. Concentration: In all board games, even the quick ones, concentration boosts. They will have to pay attention to many factors, all at the same time. Rivals, colleagues, rules and their own strategy need to be in their mind, enhancing this quality.

8. And the most important: Board games are fun!

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Board games for children

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The GiaBOX Team.