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One Year With You!

GiaBOX First Anniversary

Hello GiaBOXers!

Just one year ago, we started this family business. We started with some fears, like any small business with modest ambitions, and we were not expecting such a good welcome from you. It has been amazing to see how this little family has grown over last year to become a big family now.

This post is a thank-you post. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share with you our hobby and for all the feedback you have given us all this time. Each comment, each review has motivated us to continue improving our personalised service.

This has not been easy all the time. Sometimes we had to deal with some problems around our suppliers and games selected for you, and we had to choose between making some profits or sending the board games we knew were perfect for you. We always chose the second option. Sometimes it is not about money, but about making people happier. This is our commitment with you, it is our main business principle, and the reason why we are here.

But leaving aside serious matters, the best part of managing GiaBOX is to try the games before sending them to you . We love board games and this company is broadening our hobby, we work in a job we really enjoy!

Next year we would like to focus on all the new games that are coming in Essen, and we would also like to explore old jewels that have lost shine with all new releases. They are still diamonds and we want to share them with you. Be ready to continue receiving the best personalised selection of board games!

To celebrate our anniversary with you, a few weeks ago we posted a draw for one of our GiaBOXes. So, without any further ado… The winner of our give away is…..:

GiaBOX Give Away Winner

GiaBOX Give Away Winner

Congratulations! This is our Christmas gift for you . We really hope you enjoy your new board games!

You need to contact us within 48 hours from today, via PM on Facebook or via email on help@giabox.co.uk. If within this time you don’t get in contact, we will re-draw and post another winner on the 26th October.

And remember! You can still give away memories and time with people you care!