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Our April GiaBOXes!

Our April GiaBOXes

Hello GiaBOXers!

April is here and so it is, finally, the good weather! Yeahh!! And with the good weather, our clients are also welcoming their April GiaBOX .

Here in GiaBOX we know playing is not at odds with learning so, with our board games selection for this month we wanted to bring you back to the school! Be ready to learn in a fun way some more knowledge about chemistry, biology, geography and history.

Let´s play!

Chemistry lessons!
Potion Explosion Board Game

Potion Explosion Board Game

Potion Explosion – 2 to 4 players – 30-45 minutes.

In Potion Explosion you will be a student trying to unleash magical powers by drinking potions. To collect them, you will need to explode marbles, connecting the ones with the same colour. You will need to do it quickly, but you will also need to brew the potions with the highest value.

Will you solve the multiple puzzles? Will you win the Student of the Year award?

Alchemists Board Game

Alchemists Board Game

Alchemists- 2-4 players – 120 minutes.

In Alchemists you play the role of an alchemist trying to gain academic reputation by publishing the best theories! To do so, you need to gain knowledge by mixing ingredients, fabricate potions, test them and sell them to get the money for your unevaluable artifacts.

After the six rounds, when the secrets of alchemy are unleashed, you will confirm whether your theories were correct. Will you be the most regarded alchemist?

Biology lesson!
Virulence Board Game

Virulence Board Game

Virulence – 2-5 players – 10-20 minutes.

Virulence is an addictively quick, simple and competitive card game inspired by real science.

This time you will be a virus competing to infect a host cell in order to replicate your own viral components.

Will you get to become the strongest virus infecting all those healthy cells?

If you want to receive games like these ones, join us!

History lesson!
Wendake Board Game

Wendake Board Game

Wendake – 1-2 players – 60-120 minutes.

In Wendake you will play the role of a chief of a sedentary Native American Tribe, the Wyandot People. You will need to help your tribe thrive along 7 consecutive years (turns) by managing the most important aspects of their life.

Will you get to find the best combination of actions to lead your tribe to become the most respected one?

Geography lesson!
Ticket to Ride- Europe Board Game

Ticket to Ride- Europe Board Game

Ticket to Ride:Europe – 2-5 players – 30-60 minutes.

In Ticket to Ride: Europe you need to take and play train cards to place your trains on the board. Your goal is to connect the cities that will grant you the victory!

This game is relatively simple, it can be learnt in 5 minutes, but it will surely become a favourite in your collection!

Will you manage to connect your cities across Europe?

We hope you enjoy your new board games!