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Our August GiaBOXes!

August GiaBOXes

Hello GiaBOXers!

August has been absolutely amazing! We are really happy and very surprised to see so many new GiaBOXers joining us! THANK YOU ALL!

We have worked really hard this month selecting all your board games. It is fantastic to have all kind of clients enjoying their new GiaBOXes the same month: families, couples, children and people who play with their friends!
We really hope you all spend a fun-tastic time playing your new games together .

Let´s play!

Travelling around the World!
Five Tribes Board Game

Five Tribes Board Game

Five Tribes – 2 to 4 players – 40-80 minutes.

In this case, meeples are already set on the board! You will need to move them strategically through the villages, markets, oases and sacred places tiles if you want to beat your opponent!

Use wisely the power of the Djinns and enjoy your conquering journey to Naqala!

Five Tribes -The Thieves of Naqala Board Game

Five Tribes -The Thieves of Naqala Board Game

Five Tribes: The Thieves of Naqala – 2-4 players – 40-80 minutes.

The Thieves of Naqala is a mini-expansion for Five Tribes. It contains six thief cards and one new Djinn.

The thief figure can make the crucial difference in interrupting your opponents plans, adding a bit of extra depth to the base game.

Celestia Board Game

Celestia Board Game

Celestia – 2-6 players – 30 minutes.

This time each player will play the role of an adventurer sharing an aircraft with their opponents to explore the cities of Celestia, with the aim of collecting as many treasures as they can.

At the beginning of each journey, one of you will play the role of the captain, who will have to face the challenges of your trip.

Will you trust the captain to travel further away on the aircraft and collect better treasures or will you decide to disembark making sure you collect some treasures?

Pandemic Iberia Board Game

Pandemic Iberia Board Game

Pandemic: Iberia – 2-5 players – 45 minutes.

Unlike the original game, Pandemic Iberia is set in the Iberian Peninsula in the XIX century and, this time, your aim will be to investigate four diseases: malaria, typhus, the yellow fever, and cholera.

Distribute purified water and build railways to help you slow the spread of the four diseases.

Use wisely the skills of your characters to save the Iberian population!

If you want to receive games like these ones, join us!

Spoils of War Board Game

Spoils of War Board Game

Spoils of War – 3-5 players – 45-60 minutes.

This time you will play the role of a Viking leader trying to get the best share of the spoils from your last successful raid.

Roll the dices, then bluff and bet to outwit your opponents to get the best spoils!

Carcassonne Inns & Cathedrals

Carcassonne Inns & Cathedrals

Carcassonne: Inss & Cathedrals – 2-6 players – 60 minutes.

This expansion includes new tiles – Inss & Cathedrals, more tiles of cities, roads…, and “Big meeples” that will make the base game a bit deeper and playable.

It also contains a new set of meeples to include a sixth player.

We hope you enjoy a new experience playing Carcassonne!

Port Royal

Port Royal Board Game

Port Royal- 2-5 players – 20-50 minutes.

Port Royal is a little card game that will surprise you! It is really simple to learn and once you start playing it, you will have a time of fun-filled guaranteed.

This time you will play the role of a merchant in the Port Royal harbour, trying to get the business deal you have never made before. You will need to make risky decisions!

Will you be the player with the most influence points?

Family time!
Dream Home Board Game

Dream Home Board Game

Dream Home – 2-4 players – 30 minutes.

In this board game, the objective of each player is to build their dream home. To get it, you will need to build and furnish each room on your new house with the best elements over 12 rounds.

Will you be the player who construct the nicest and most comfortable house?

Sundae Split Board Game

Sundae Split Board Game

Sundae Split – 2-5 players – 20 minutes.

On this occasion, each player will have to choose the best selection of ingredients to make the best sundae you have ever tasted!

Bananas, cherries, whipped cream, vegetables…
One moment… Who like vegetables in an ice cream?
It will be better for you to avoid them if you want to be the player with the best scored ice cream!

We hope you enjoy your new board games!