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Our January GiaBOXes!

Our January GiaBOXes

Happy New Year GiaBOXers!

From GiaBOX we have started 2018 with great enthusiasm and with a couple of new projects to bring this little world to more people. We will give you more details in a few weeks, so stay tunned to our blog!

Even knowing January is a difficult month, with all the spending we do on Christmas, we are very happy to see the GiaBOX family is growing 😀 .

Let’s play!

Couple time!

This month some new couples have joined us! We believe board games are an excellent way to enjoy your spare time and get you to reconnect with your couple, especially if you have children, ;).

Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet – 2 to 4 players – 15-30 minutes.

On this occasion, you and your partner are on a secret mission. You will have to guess 15 total words to contact 15 agents while you avoid to guess an assassin card.

Will you get to complete your mission before your total nine turns are over?

Family time!

We love families joining us! Board games provide children a funny way to learn about a lot of different things! And what a better way than accompanied by their parents?

Oceanos Board Game


Oceanos – 2-5 players – 30-45 minutes.

This is a very dynamic and fun board game with simple mechanics and beautiful arts. We are completely sure the whole family will love it!

On this occasion, you will pilot your own submarine. The objective of the expedition will be to collect as many animals, corals and treasures from the deep sea as you can. You will also need to collect precious crystals to upgrade your submarine and complete your mission.

Will you get to escape from the fearsome kraken’s gaze?

If you want to receive games like these ones, join us!

Photosyntesis Board Game


Photosyntesis – 2-4 players – 30-60 minutes.

This time you will be playing an abstract strategy game that will surprise you!

Inside the beautiful box you will find a game where you will have make a lot of strategies to win your opponents!

You have to grow trees and complete their life cycles to win. In your way you to get it, you will find other trees blocking the sunlight, preventing your own trees to grow.
Will you get to well-place your trees to make sure no one is blocking the sunlight you need?

Party time!

Some friends, some drinks and a long evening are perfect to have fun playing board games!

King of New York Board Game

King of New York

King of New York – 2 to 6 players – 40 minutes.

Playing King of New York you will find it is a dynamic, simple and tremendously addictive board game we are sure you will love to play with your family and friends.

On this occasion, you will play the role of a monster trying to become a “star” in the big city. To be the King of New York you will have to destroy the city smashing its buildings while you compete with your adversaries and try to defend yourself from the army´s attacks.

Will you get to be the last monster left alive?

Enjoy your new board games!

Would you like to receive a personalised GiaBOX? Check our plans and let yourself be surprised!