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Our March GiaBOXes

Our March GiaBOXes

Hello GiaBOXers!

March is finally here!
We love this season, Spring is almost here and the good weather is finally coming after a long Winter this year. But the real reason behind our excitement is celebrating Easter. A little bit of time off means…we will have a lot of spare time to have fun playing some board games!

As it could not be otherwise, our board games selection for this month is all about nature themes:

Time for kingdom building!
Isle of Skye

Isle of skye board game

Isle of Skye – 2 to 5 players – 30-50 minutes.

Perhaps, at first sight, Isle of Skye may seem like an easy game but, once you start playing it, you will discover it has deep tile placement mechanics that make each game unique!

On this occasion, you will play the role of the chieftain of one of the 5 clans of the Isle of Skye, aiming to build the best kingdom to become the king of the Isle.

Keep an eye on your money and make sure you expand your kingdom to score the most victory points!


Kingdomino board game

Kingdomino – 2-4 players – 15-20 minutes.

A family board game where you will have to make a lot of decisions in a really short period of time.

This time, you will be a king trying to expand your kingdom. For that, you will need to connect your domino pieces to achieve the maximum number of prestige points. The bigger the land, the more points you score… If your crown is on it!

If you want to receive games like these ones, join us!

Production Time!

Tuscany board game

Tuscany Essential Edition – 1-6 players – 60-150 minutes.

This board game includes three expansions for the board game Viticulture Essential Edition. It is the twist to make Viticulture a deeper game.

You will also find it includes a well-designed solo version, quite enjoyable and difficult to win.

This expansion will improve a lot your experience playing Viticulture!

Oh my goods

Oh my goods board game

Oh my goods! – 2-4 players – 30 minutes.

Although Oh my goods! is a quick game and there is some luck involved in it, you will find each game is very intense.

This time, you will be a European craftsman trying to produce different types of goods in an efficient way in order to build new production buildings. You will need to make some strategies when you use your production to win the maximum number of VPs.

Will you get to be the first player constructing 8 production buildings?


Agricola board game

Agricola – 1-4 players – 30-120 minutes.

Released in 2007, Agricola has become a classic. The 2016 edition brings a lot of improvements in materials, meeples, and general look.

In this game, you play the role of a family of farmers. Your goal is to make your farm thrive by growing crops, breeding animals, enlarging your family and finally, by improving your house.

There are many areas to look after, but keep in mind you need to have enough food to feed your family! It is all about resource management!

For the little ones!
littlebird_big hunger

littlebird_big hunger

Little bird, Big Hunger – 2-4 players – 10-15 minutes.

In Little bird, Big hunger you will need to feed the baby chick to help it grow healthy and strong.
Will you get your chick to grow into a beautiful little bird?

We hope you enjoy your new board games!

Happy Easter!