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Our May GiaBOXes!

Our May GiaBOXes

Hello GiaBOXers!

Our May GiaBOXes are here! And we must admit these are probably some of our favourite GiaBOXes sent so far!

To be fully honest, we have made a huge effort and we have squished our profit margin to bring you a few of the best options out there. It is something we can’t do every month … but you know, family is family, and you need to pamper them every since in a while.

If you are following us and considering joining our GiaBOX family, we need to warn you: June GiaBOX will not lag behind!

We hope you love our May choices!

Let´s play!

Prehistory time!
Stone Age

Stone Age Board Game

Stone Age – 2 to 4 players – 60-90 minutes.

Welcome to Stone Age! A board game with simple rules that will provide you with hours of fun with your partner and friends!

On this occasion, your goal will be to collect the necessary resources to build new cabins and to achieve new levels of civilization, making your tribe progress.

Increase the number of your population and do not forget to feed them all!

Future is here!
Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars Board Game

Terraforming Mars – 1-5 players – 120 minutes.

Ops! Earth is overcrowded and there are not enough resources for everybody, so we need to find another planet to live! Red planet…there we go!

This time, you will control a corporation working for the World Government trying to transform Mars in an habitable planet. For that, you will need to raise its oxygen levels (14%), its average temperature (+8ºC) and the amount of oceans through the implementation of projects.

Will you get to be the winner corporation?

If you want to receive games like these ones, join us!

Will you survive?
Dead of Winter- The long night

Dead of Winter- The long night

Dead of Winter: The long night- 2-5 players – 60-120 minutes.

Dead of Winter: The long night
can be played as a standalone game or as an expansion for Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game.

In this board game, each of you will lead a group of survivors living together in a colony, in a world where the humanity has been devastated. If all of you want to survive, you will need to work together making hard decisions, but don’t forget to achieve your personal secret mission to achieve your individual victory.

Will you survive The Long Night?

Pirate´s life!
Port Royal

Port Royal Board Game

Port Royal- 2-5 players – 20-50 minutes.

Port Royal is a little card game that will surprise you! It is really simple to learn and once you start playing it, you will have a time of fun-filled guaranteed.

This time you will play the role of a merchant in the Port Royal harbour, trying to get the business deal you have never made before. You will need to make risky decisions!

Will you be the player with the most influence points?

We hope you enjoy your new board games!