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Our November GiaBOXes!

Our November GiaBOXes

Hello GiaBOXers!

Our first board games boxes are gone! Thanks for being part of the GiaBOX family!
After almost a full year of hard work our dream to build a board games subscription company has turned into a reality! It has been a long way full of challenges, but some of you now have your first boxes at home, so all has been worth it!

November has come full of surprises for those wanting to share some time with their families and friends. We have chosen the following games for you:


Takenoko – 2 to 4 players – 45 minutes.

This is a board game mainly for families, with a beautiful art! We really love the little bambus and the little big belly panda!

It is a game with simple mechanics, but that doesn´t mean it will stop you enjoying it! You can expect joyful moments mixed with some tension! Choose your own targets and try to boicot your rivals ones. Enjoy with your kids!

Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet – 2 to 4 players – 15-30 minutes.

Codenames Duet keeps the basic elements of Codenames — give one-word clues to try to get someone to identify your agents among those on the table — but now you’re working together as a team to find all of your agents. (Why you don’t already know who your agents are is a question that Congressional investigators will get on your back about later!) (Source: www.boardgamesgeek.com)

board game love letter premium edition

Love Letter premium edition board game

Love letter Premium Edition – 2 to 8 players – 20-30 minutes.

This board game can be played between 2 to 4 players using the same cards and rules as the original version, but for 5 to 8 players, it adds additional roles, which we think make for a much more interesting game.

Will you get your love letter across to the sad princess and conquer her? You should make sure that it is the person closest to the princess who has your letter at the end of the day, so you can deliver it first to the princess.



Fungi – 2 players – 30 minutes.

This cardgame is only for two players. It’s really easy to learn and you will be fascinated by the design of the cards.

What it is about? Well, as its name suggests…It’s all about mushrooms. Your aim will be to cook the most delicious mushrooms that you are finding through the forest. To get it, you will need to use pans, mushrooms and if you want the tastiest dish you will have to use butter and cyder.

Take your basket and go out there to collect as many mushrooms as you can. Bon appetit, mon amie!

Virulence – The Infectious Card Game

Virulence – 2 to 5 players – 10-20 minutes.

An addictively quick and simple card game for 2 to 5 players but works better from three players.

This time you will be a virus competing to infect a host cell in order to replicate your own viral components.

Will you get to become the strongest virus infecting all those healthy cells?

Unfortunately we didn´t have families with little kids – toddlers, from 3 to 5 – but we hope we soon we will be delivering some amazing board games for children on that age.

Enjoy your new GiaBOX!

Would you like to receive a personalised GiaBOX? Check our plans and let yourself be surprised!