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Our October GiaBOXes

October GiaBOXes

Hello GiaBOXers!

October is a great month for the board games world. Essen is starting in a week, and that means there will be lots of new board games on the market next year :D. Exciting news!

It is also a great month for us because we are turning 1! We are really happy to see how this family has grown over the past year!

As many of you already know, a new member of the family is coming soon, so from now, my other half will be managing all the matters of the company. Don’t be afraid, I leave you in the very best hands .

And… Surprise! Our Christmas’ GiaBOXes are here! If you are looking for an original present for your family and friends, this is it! No subscription, simply a single GiaBOX to make your Christmas day even more special.

Let´s play!

Farming time!
Agricola Family Edition Board Game

Agricola Family Edition Board Game

Agricola: Family Edition – 1 to 4 players – 45 minutes.

On this occasion, you will play the role of a family of farmers. Your goal will be to make your farm thrive by growing crops, breeding animals, enlarging your family and finally, by improving your house.

There are many areas to look after, but keep in mind you need to have enough food to feed your family! It is all about resources management!

Riverboat Board Game

Riverboat Board Game

Riverboat – 2 to 4 players – 90 minutes.

This time, each player play the role of owner of a 19th century farm on the bank of the Mississippi River.

Riverboat consists of 4 rounds, each one divided into 5 phases, in which each player will have to grow, harvest and transport their goods by boat to New Orleans. To get it, players will have to assign workers to each crop who will ensure the fields are organised according to their type and harvested when they are ready.

Will you be the player with the most VPs at the end of the fourth round?

Supplying power!
Power Grid Board Game

Power Grid Board Game

Power Grid – 2 to 6 players – 120 minutes.

Playing this game, each player will take on the role of a power company and your aim will be to supply the most cities with power.
This won’t be easy, as your opponents will have the same objective than you. Keep an eye on their steps and make wiser decisions than them to be the company that controls the most networks of powerlines.

Be prepare to feel the same pressure than the manager of a real power company!

Check our Christmas Plans and this year,

give away time together!

Bon Voyage!


The voyages of Marco Polo- 2 to 4 players – 40-100 minutes.

On this occasion, you will play the role of a character recreating the journey Marco Polo travelled through, accompanied by his father and his uncle. On your way to Kublai Khan, you will have to gain and fulfill new contracts, place your trading posts, collect money and go to the bazaar to obtain more resources. This will keep you very busy but don’t forget to keep enough money and camels to reach new cities!

The player with the most VPs will win the game. Will you get to be that player at the end of the five rounds?

Odin's Ravens Board Game

Odin’s Ravens Board Game

Odin’s Ravens – 2 players – 15-30 minutes.

Players will compete in a race to be the first raven that brings back to Odin news from the Earth. On your way, you will fly over several landscapes like snowy mountains, rivers, woods and steppes.

Be careful with the trickster god Loki, his traps can modify the terrain you are flying over!

If you can’t wait for Christmas to receive your GiaBOX, then check our plans and get your November GiaBOX!