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EXTRA Christmas GiaBOX

EXTRA Christmas GiaBOX


Our EXTRA Christmas GiaBOX. Your box with a wider selection of board games included. Specially designed to surprise your friends and family on special occasions.

See below a detailed description of our Extra Christmas GiaBOX.

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How many board games will I get on my Extra Christmas GiaBOX?
Between 1 and 3 board games per GiaBOX, depending on our choice for you that month. We can include board games, expansions and nice extras to use with them. Be prepared to be surprised!

Our selection will be always worth, at least, the retail price on physical shops.

When will I be charged?
You will be charged inmediately after your purchase.

When will I get my GiaBOX?
Our deliveries are synchronised, you will receive your GiaBOX around mid December.

See our FAQs section for more details.