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Who is behind GiaBOX and how it all started?

Puerto Rico Board Game

Hello GiaBOXers!

It´s been already two months since GiaBOX started and you don´t really know much about us yet. So we thought introducing ourselves in a post is a good way to meet us!

Who is behind The GiaBOX team?

We are Miriam and Federico, a young family living in the United Kingdom since 2013, together with our little one, Mr S.

Our love for board games and the decision of looking after our son at home made us set up GiaBOX.
We started playing board games around 2011, but our hobby really set off when we met “Puerto Rico” around 2014. We completely loved the game, the mechanics, and the fact that no luck is involved in it. It was “the game” that hooked us to this fantastic world. After that, we used to play tabletops in the evenings and almost every weekend with our friends, and we would also play two players games during the week.

We discovered a new world, far away from our phones and TV, having fun together, in couple and with our friends, and our board games collection grew and grew.

Now we would like to share our passion with you, bringing you the opportunity to know different board games and discovering your own “Puerto Rico”.

We really think board games are the best way to reconnect with our family and friends having a great fun together. We have also found them as the best tool to reduce the time used in front of screens. And it is becoming even popular as an engaging tool for students to learn all sort of subjects. But that is another topic we will cover another day, ;).

So this is our story (in short). With Mr S. around, and now with the company itself, our time to play board games has been restricted to weekends. But it is all worth it.

You don´t need to change the world to make a difference. You just need to change your own little world.

Will you join us?