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Yorkshire plays


We are really excited to announce! One of the little surprises we have been preparing for you is the launch of a big challenge: Make Yorkshire be recognised as the happiest county in the UK!

Why happiest? What do board games offer us to make us happy?

When playing board games we socialise: Having fun in a group, with our couple or with our kids we release endorphins: the hormones that make people feel good. By spending time with people we care we feel happier.

You can go out to meet new people: Nowadays, you can find board games at the university, at cafés, libraries…There are a lot of meetups you can assist to play board games.

Your children will be delighted of having you as their playmate: As we explained in our post about why to offer board games to our children, they love sharing time and memories with us!

Board games help us to have a better mental health, and that means we will be happier. If you combine this three arguments, plus while we play board games we are entertained (we don´t need to think about anything else) you will have the perfect match that makes you feel good.

Why Yorkshire?

– GiaBOX is settled in Leeds and we would love to see more places with board games available, but also we would like to meet people that love playing as much as we do. And of course, we want to show others the benefits of playing board games!

How can you participate in the challenge?

You will find all the info in our Social Media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). Follow us to know everything about it!

You can also look for our hashtag #yorkshireplays.

And the last surprise!

We are running a draw on our Facebook page! You will be able to win a personalised GiaBOX in April. You just need to like our FB page, share with us a picture playing some board games and share our post about this challenge.

The draw is opened to everybody in the UK using the hashtag #UKplays!

Good luck to everybody!

Let´s play.

The GiaBOX Team.